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Primary industries and applications where bus bars are commonly utilized

Electric Aviation

Electric Cars


Renewable Energy

Battery Storage

Copper Bus Bars

Copper bus bars are essential, rigid conductors in electronic systems, primarily used to collect and distribute electric current, ensuring stability and efficiency. These bus bars are often housed in custom enclosures or boards to handle significant current distribution.

Custom copper bus bars are made from copper alloy C110, a general purpose copper designated in ASTM Standard B152.

Aluminum Bus Bars

Typically, engineers choose 6061-T6 aluminum for bus bars because it offers a favorable combination of mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, conductivity, machinability, weldability and cost.

Other stocked aluminum alloys include 5052-H32 Aluminum, Aluminum 7075-T6 and Aluminum 2024-T3. If you require another alloy, contact us to discuss your needs.

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Use Cases in Aerospace

In aerospace applications, bus bars serve as critical components for managing electrical power distribution and grounding systems within aircrafts and spacecrafts

They are essential for ensuring

  • • Power Distribution
  • • Modularity and Flexibility
  • • Weight Reduction
  • • Reliability and Safety

Copper Bus Bars - Finishing Options

Bus bars are often left unfinished to take advantage of their inherent conductivity. However, you may desire an addition finish for copper, in order to prevent it from turning to patina, which is a thin green layer on the surface.

One of the reasons an engineer might choose to add a finish is to prevent copper turning to patina, which is a thin green layer on the surface. See image.

Finishes Available

Protocase offers several finishing options, depending on your specific needs.

* Completed by a third-party supplier for additional leadtime

Graphics & Part Marking Available

While not as common for bus bars, we offer the following options if you require them

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